Thursday morning we loaded up the car and headed out on a 3.5 hour drive to Southern Nova Scotia. During this drive, our car hit the 1,000 mile mark since we left home Sunday morning. To break up the trip, we stopped in Halifax to take a stroll along the boardwalk. While the sites were beautiful, the weather was sunny and sweltering. Stopping at a brewery for a cold beer seemed to be the most reasonable way to survive the heat. Maybe we’ll get back to Halifax in the next few days.

Our current location is in Duncan’s Cove, Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia is huge – it covers over 21,000 square miles! So, how did we end up here? The boring story is I went on AirBnB, searched Nova Scotia and attempted to find something relatively inexpensive and close to the water. For less than $60 per night, we landed here.

13668953_10100680649415076_2186459676094010379_nWe are literally in the middle of nowhere and I love it! The closest store/restaurant/gas station is at least twenty minutes away. There is nothing but the uninterrupted beauty of rocky cliffs, rolling hills, ocean views and so many seals!

IMG_1001IMG_0935 IMG_0949 IMG_0951I have been to a lot of beautiful places. This is the first time we have been to a place that is so raw and untouched by tourism. There is something magical about it.

IMG_0952 IMG_0954 IMG_0956Steps away from our front door is a hiking trail through a nature preserve that winds its way along the rocky cliffs. All the photos in this post were taken along this trail. From the rocks we have watched literally hundreds of seals swim and sun themselves on the rocks out in the ocean while the sounds of their barks surround us. Despite the cloudy day today, the views were still spectacular.


So many seals!


Also along the trail we stumbled upon 3 bunkers from World War II. With the clouds sweeping over and around us the places looked a bit haunted. My plan is to walk this trail daily as the views are something that I will not get tired of seeing. Today is also the first day we have not driven anywhere. It is such a relief to be out of the car!

IMG_0984 IMG_0963

IMG_0985 IMG_0988 IMG_0960On a side note, we have met many Canadians along our journey. Once they find out we are from the United States, each one has asked us when we’re moving here and given us a lengthy list of why we should consider moving to Canada. It’s nice to feel so welcomed!