Vienna was simply beautiful.  Michal and I spent the majority of our last day there at Schönbrunn Palace.  Schönbrunn Palace was the summer house for the Hapsburgs.  The gardens here are open and free to the public.  I have decided to let the following pictures we took illustrate for you just how beautiful and spectacular the outside of the place and the gardens are.

I promise I did not photoshop Michal and I into this last picture even though it looks like it.  It was just that beautiful (and sunny) there.

Michal and I took a night train from Vienna to Krakow, Poland last night.  Trains are not my preferred way of travel by any means.  This time I spent extra money and reserved a sleeping cart for just two people (not 6 like most of them). It was worth the extra money as I felt safe and was able to sleep a little bit.

For the remainder of our trip, Michal’s family is joining us.  Life with my in-laws is always an adventure.  Today proved to be no different than any other day.  While Michal and I arrived in Krakow very early this morning by train, his brother arrived shortly after us by bus.  His parents were planning on flying out of a city near their home and arriving this evening.

However, upon arriving in Krakow, we quickly learned that the airline his parents were scheduled to fly (also the same airline we bought tickets for yesterday to return back to his parents house next weekend) declared bankruptcy and suspended services as of last night.  That kind of sucks.  Not the best way to start the morning by any means.

After a long and stressful day, Michal’s parents were able to purchase flights on another airline and are currently on their way.  How we will get back to their home next weekend is still up in the air.  I was really hoping to avoid a 12-hour train ride on a Polish train, but that may be inevitable.

Our plan for the weekend is to explore Krakow.  I have been here once before, but it was only for a day after an overnight train from Prague and I was too tired to really remember the city.  On Sunday we are heading to Auschwitz.  I have been reading a touching memoir, Rena’s Promise, about Auschwitz and the book alone has been an emotional journey.  I cannot even imagine how emotional Sunday is going to be.

On a positive note, another riddle has been requested.  After Krakow, we only have one destination left before we head back to Michal’s parents’ house.  We are heading to a place that probably no one in the states has ever heard of.  It is a place in the South part of Poland.  I will think of some clues to give you later this weekend.