This morning we were up bright and early and ready to take on Zakopane.  After walking all day yesterday, we planned on taking a shorter walk today (Michal’s parents are in their 60s after all).  Well, sometimes things just do not go as planned.

Our short walk turned into 6 hours of hiking up Kasprowy Wierch.  By the time we reached the summit, we were 6,519 feet or 1,987 meters in the sky.  An added bonus was the place we summited at was the border of Poland and Slovakia. So I have now been to 17 countries! Oh, and we didn’t have to walk down the mountain; thankfully there was a convenient cable car to quickly escort us to the bottom.

It was a long and absolutely beautiful hike. There is something so powerful in the mountains. A humbling experience to remind us of just how small we really are in the world.  Enjoy the pictures!