Michal and I have spent the last couple of days exploring Denver. I will admit that I had a difficult time adjusting to being in a bustling city after spending time in the mountains. I spent quite a bit of time Monday feeling overwhelmed with all of the people, buildings, noise, etc. I just wanted to go back to the mountains.

image imageHowever, late Monday morning Michal and I discovered the Colorado History Museum. We spent several hours learning about Colorado. Did you know that to encourage people to move here, land was given away for free? Gold was also found here in Denver during the gold rush.


imageI am not a city girl, but I like Denver. It is a clean city with lots of energy. People here are very nice and friendly. It does not have the rushed feel of New York City. Also Denver has lots of breweries. We have visited a brewery each day and will not have a chance to visit them all.


imageDenver is very bike friendly. We have rode bikes all over the city. Yesterday we rode over 20 miles. There is a great bike trail along Cherry Creek that leads to the Cherry Creek neighborhood which is full of elegant and majestic homes. Since we were on bikes, I did not take any pictures.

imageLast night we went to a Colorado Rockies baseball game. While they lost, the views from the stadium were amazing! While watching baseball, you’re also gazing at the mountains in the background.


imageToday we are going to explore the botanical gardens and possibly check out a free concert and fireworks this evening. Unfortunately both of us have ended up with a cold on this trip and have not been as active as usual the past few days. Despite all of that, I still think we done a pretty good job exploring several areas of the city on bikes.