I turned the big 3-0 last month and Michal’s gift to me was a trip to someplace tropical over winter break. Christmas Day we left snowy and cold upstate New York and flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was 9 degrees when we left Syracuse and 82 degrees when we landed. Our Christmas dinner was enjoyed outside on a patio; no sweater or winter coat needed!



Yesterday we spent the day beach hopping (this included walking miles and miles to various beaches). It is close to 90 degrees and humid here. I keep thinking it’s July. Then I see Christmas decorations and realize that it’s still December. Our wardrobe yesterday consisted of bathing suits and sandals. We awoke to a bright light shinning through our window. It was the sun! I forgot what the sun looks like and how happy it makes me feel. The waters here are an incredible aqua color and the water is a perfect temperature. I am in heaven and I am not returning back to freezing cold, dark, snowy, and grey New York. Anyone want to rent our house for the next few months?

IMG_0162 IMG_0147 IMG_0110

Today we went to Old San Juan. It was so hot and humid I felt like I was melting. I loved the cobble stone streets and the architecture of the buildings. It’s crazy to think that all of San Juan used to be confined to that area. We learned today that nothing opens there until 11 AM. Our plan is to go back in the evening when it’s much cooler and more alive.

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The area we are staying in is close to the expensive resorts and casinos. Today we saw the other side of San Juan which is impoverished and run down. While San Juan is a United States territory, it feels more foreign to me than any other country I’ve been to. Some of the only similarities I’ve noticed are the currency and fast food chains.

We have learned that Puerto Rico is on island time. The busses have no schedule. They come and go and you’re lucky if you catch one. This is frustrating! Busses are only $0.75 and taxis are $21. I have never been to a place where busses do not have schedules. Restaurants are also very laid back and in no rush to bring you your check. Getting thorough the line at the grocery store also takes an inordinate amount of time. I am learning – I mean trying– to be be patient. We are also learning to beware of falling coconuts and to watch out for lizards.

As usual we have spent our first two days on the go and done a superb job exhausting ourselves. Our plan for tomorrow is a beach day on a gorgeous beach just around the corner from where we are staying.