As with all things wonderful, time seems to pass by far too quickly. Over the past few days Michal and I have continued to explore by land and sea while absorbing as much vitamin D and sunshine as possible. On Sunday we went to Tulum and visited ancient Maya ruins. These ruins are perched along cliffs that offer sweeping views of the aqua marine colored Caribbean Sea.


IMG_8970It was pretty amazing to see how these remains have lasted for centuries. I wish we had taken a tour while we were there because unfortunately I do not know the history behind it and could only observe their architecture and stunning views with little to no knowledge. I know my little brother is shaking his head at me right now. Sorry, Bryant!

IMG_8973 IMG_8982 IMG_8983 IMG_8987 IMG_8995After visiting the ruins we set out on a walk to the beaches in Tulum. Along the way was a stand selling fresh coconuts and fruits. Michal and I ordered a coconut and it was the most refreshing, most hydrating beverage of the day! Once we stumbled upon the beaches we were amazed at the beauty of the white sand and the multiple colors of blue beckoning to us out in the water. While we swam and sat on the beach I kept reminding myself that it is December and we are in Mexico. I feel so blessed to feel the warm sun on my face after so many cloudy and cold days at home. There is so much beauty in this world and so many places to see and discover. Michal and I have been fortunate to figure out how to create some sort of a balance between work and travel. Travel fuels both of our souls!

IMG_9010 IMG_9013 IMG_9015 IMG_9025 IMG_9043Yesterday we started our morning off with snorkeling! As I mentioned before there’s the second largest coral reef in the world just off the coast. I had never gone snorkeling before and was a little anxious. I love the water, I’m a good swimmer, but I am slightly scared of fish (silly, I know) and I get a little anxious when I am far away from the shore…

IMG_9019Once I got the hang of it, I loved snorkeling! We saw so many fish (lots of barracuda!), two sting rays, and lots of plant life. The water was calm and clear. I can’t believe it took 31 years of my life before I went snorkeling. It was almost like being in the movie Finding Nemo with all the activity and fish under the sea.

IMG_9032Last night we had another new travel experience. We were both overtired from our day spent in the water and had wandered out for dinner. When we returned to our apartment we realized that neither one of us has grabbed the keys or our cell phones. We were locked out. In a foreign country. With no phone. The restaurant we ate was right across the street from where we were staying. We went back there and they allowed us to use their computer to get the phone number we needed and even called the person for us to explain, in Spanish, what happened. Within twenty minutes the house keeper arrived to let us in our apartment. It started off as a pretty stressful situation but resolved itself quickly. It was a great reminder that there are good people everywhere and that even people who do not know you have the ability to be and are genuinely kind and helpful.