All I think about lately is our upcoming trip.  For the last week, I have had difficulty sleeping. When I attempt to go to sleep, thoughts of our summer adventure began to float through my mind.  There are 10 weeks of the school year left.  I really need to spend that time studying for my clinical social work license.  However, every time I sit down to study, I end up looking through a book of Croatia instead of a book on clinical theory and practice. My dreams of being the next Samantha Brown overpower any desire I have to fork over a large sum of money to New York State, study and stress out over a multiple choice exam (even though my current job is contingent on passing this exam).  I realize that I need to use some mindfulness skills to pull myself back into the present moment.  One of my favorite quotes is from Calvin and Hobbes: “We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.” My challenge now is to maintain my excitement for the summer while still appreciating every day for what it has to offer.

Spring break is coming up in one week.  Michal and I are planning on spending a few days in Boston.  Neither one of us has ever been there.  It is only six hours from where we live so it really doesn’t make sense that we’ve never been.  Anyway, we really don’t know much about Boston.  We’ve been told that we must go on a Boston Duck Tour ( and of course we have to visit the Sam Adam’s Brewery.  If you have any other suggestions on things we should see or do, let me know!