Spring break is officially here!  And while that means ten glorious days (okay 8.5 left now) of no work, it also means that it’s almost time to go to Boston.  I still can’t believe that Michal and I have never explored Boston before.  Something tells me that while this may be our first time going there, that we’ll be going back.  Thanks to a poll I conducted on facebook and input from friends and co-workers, we now have a list of places to see and things we want to cram into 2 days.  So far the highlights of that list include: A Walk into History Tour of the Freedom Trail, a Duck Tour, a visit to the Prudential Center, a stroll around MIT and Harvard, a slice of Boston Cream Pie, a visit to Sam Adam’s Brewery and oh yeah, tickets to the 100th Opening Day at Fenway Park!!

For those of you who don’t know, I love baseball (and baseball players!).  Michal spent the majority of his life being deprived of baseball since he grew up in Poland.  While we have been to a couple of baseball games in the States, he’s not gotten a full taste of what baseball is to the United States.  This Friday at Fenway Park will change that forever.  I’m not sure where you can get a better feel for what baseball means to Americans than there and on such an important day.  Yes, we have seats in the top bleacher section in the second to last row, but I’ve been told there’s no bad seats at Fenway.  I have to say I’m pretty pumped about this baseball game and wish that certain friends of mine who have dreamed of being there for this event could be there with us.  Also, I need to give a shout out to my friends who highlighted the importance of going to this game, ignoring the price of tickets and for taking advantage of my wine induced state which lead to me spending more on baseball tickets than I ever dreamed of.  So, Friday afternoon at 2:00 we’ll be at Fenway for this historic experience!

Finding a place to stay in Boston was an adventure in itself.  We looked into hotels, but the prices were well over $300 per night and it just seems like a waste of money to spend that much on a hotel.  We looked for hotels outside of Boston near public transportation (I’ve heard driving in Boston is insane!) but those hotels were still pretty pricy.  I continued my search on Airbnb, a site that we’ve used for years to find places to stay while we travel in Europe.  I sent inquires to three different places just to be informed that their places had already been rented.  One of the owners wrote back and informed me that we are going to be there for the Boston Marathon as well as Opening Day at Fenway.  No wonder it’s been a nightmare to find a place to stay!  This morning our luck changed.  I found a place on Airbnb that is actually available.  While it’s not right in the city, it’s only a 15 minute train ride to downtown. And it has 61 positive reviews.  I’m all about reading reviews before I ever book a place.

And now we wait.  And dream.  And plan more of our trip to Boston.  In about 60 hours we will be on our way!  Check back later this week for posts about our trip.  Oh, also thanks to Michal, you can sign up to follow this blog and/or for e-mails to notify you when there’s a new post.  Make sure to do that before you close out this page!