I found this saying today and it seemed appropriate for everything that has been going on recently.  It also applies to the journey of life as well.  Our sweet family member is doing much better.  Thank you all for your prayers, thoughts and well wishes. Our family member will remain in the hospital a little while longer until the doctors feel confident they have pinpointed exactly what is going on.  However, our sweet family member looks good, feels good and is beyond frustrated that home will the in the hospital a little bit longer (hospital food is terrible in Poland, too).  It was a last minute decision to continue on to Croatia.  However, we are confident that our sweet family member will be home soon (and we have been lectured over and over by this person that we need to go) and we will be close to an airport if we need to get back to Poland ASAP.  At this point in time, we are not quite sure how the rest of the trip will proceed.  We are taking things one day at a time. This summer is certainly not turning out how were expecting it to, but we are learning the ride the waves and keeping our heads above water.

Right now our bags are packed and we are ready for our journey; whether it lasts a matter of days or a matter of weeks. Impressively everything is neatly packed into two carry-on bags.  The fact that it is sunny and in the high 80s and 90s everywhere we plan to go made it much easier to pack.  Tomorrow morning we will catch a train to a city that is 2 hours away from here, then catch a bus that will take us another 2 hours to an airport in Berlin.  From Berlin, it is just a 2 hour flight to Dubrovnik.  We are being picked up at the airport by the father of the person we are renting an apartment from.  Perhaps most exciting of all is that tomorrow evening I will be reunited with one of my best friends that I have not seen in over a year!

Last week I flew across the Atlantic Ocean, today I took a walk along the shores of the Baltic Sea and tomorrow evening I will fall asleep less than 200 meters from the Adriatic Sea.  There is so much in this world to see, to explore and to discover.  My heart and soul come alive when I travel.  If only I could find a way to do this for a living.  In the meantime, I still feel like the luckiest girl in the world that I have experienced and continue to experience so much that Europe has to offer.

In less than 24 hours, Michal, Adam and I will be in Dubrovnik, Croatia!!!