Yesterday, despite our jet lag and the 7 hour time difference, we were out of the apartment were staying at around 9:30 in the morning and we returned back there around 11:30 last night. This morning we were up before the sun to catch a ferry to Santorini.

IMG_0966 IMG_0961We took the BlueStar ferry which was 8 stories high. Since we tend to be frugal travelers I booked us in the economy section which basically means there are no assigned seats. Thankfully we boarded the ferry and we were able to find a place to sit because a lot of people ended up standing. I loved the ferry because it was full of people from all over the world and you could hear several different languages being spoken at once. The boats were pretty nice. There were areas inside and outside to sit, restaurants, stores, bars, coffee shops, etc. The only downside was outside people were allowed to smoke and compared to Americans, Europeans smoke an awful lot. The ferry stopped at two other islands along its 8 hour journey to Santorini.

IMG_0970 IMG_0971 IMG_0981The first glimpses of Santorini were breathtaking. The island rests upon gigantic cliffs that tower over the sea. The buildings on top of the island looked like they could touch the sky.

IMG_0982 IMG_0985 IMG_0988Getting off the ferry we were greeted by hundreds of people and lots of locals advertising places to stay. We quickly found the person there to pick us up and take us to our place. The drive from the harbor to the mainland was interesting.

We were diving up windy, narrow roads that were literally etched into the sides of these majestic cliffs. Cars, busses, vans, mopeds, and four wheelers were all inching their way upwards. When vehicles came in the opposite directions, things got a little hairy. I’m pretty sure I’d have an anxiety attack if I ever tried to drive that stretch of road.

IMG_1004 IMG_1001 IMG_0999Santorini can be a very expensive place to stay. We are here for six nights so I tried to find something reasonable. I found a place on that is a family run pension with cave houses, apartments, and a small hotel. Because we are here at a busy time, the owner worked with me to provide us with a place to stay the entire time we are here. However that means staying in 3 different places.

IMG_1007Tonight and tomorrow we are in a cave house. Yes, a cave house and it is awesome. It is literally built into a cliff close to the sea. It’s so cool in here there is no need for air conditioning despite the sweltering temperatures outside. Furthermore it is located in a serene location surrounded by lovingly tended flower and vegetable gardens. This evening, the husband knocked on our door and delivered a generous basket of fresh picked tomatoes (they taste like candy!), a cantaloupe, and half a dozen eggs from his chickens.

We have already met a handful of people and everyone is so happy, cheerful, and friendly. You can tell they love this island and want nothing more than for you to love it too.

IMG_1013We have rented a moped for our time here. Never having driven one before, it’s been interesting to say the least. Don’t worry mom, I’m wearing a helmet! Once we get more confident on the moped we will take off and explore the island.

IMG_1014 IMG_1017But for now, Michal and I are exhausted. The jet lag and exhaustion from so many travel days has sunk in. We made ourselves a simple dinner, enjoyed some of the tomatoes from the gardens here, and a glass of local wine. Now it’s time for bed. There’s so much to see while we are here!